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This includes smoke in the workplace, restaurants, bars, and other public forums. Laws emposed against smoking may infact help smokers quit.

Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places

The objective of this essay is not to ban smoking completely, but to ban the smoking practice in certain areas which are public places. As a result of this, many believe that smoking should not be allowed in public places.

There are many opposing viewpoints on banning smoking in public places. A chain-smoker is the worst sufferer. Smoking should be stopped because it wastes a lot of money, and is very addictive. There are at least three levels on which smoking may harm nonsmokers.

Write at least words. Surely one would not intentionally subject themselves to an addiction knowing that they will suffer withdrawal symptoms due to that addiction Body Discuss the issue A. If harm is indeed being caused, public policy should prevent the smoker from smoking in this room.

The air in the room is filled with smoke, and it is clear that the cause of this is the activity of the smokers. Smoking can cause more deaths than alcohol, suicides, AIDS, elicit drugs, car accidents, and murders put together.

Smoking in Public Places

So, when smoking is injurious to health, why do people make it a habit. As a result of this, many believe that smoking should not be allowed in public places.

They also argue it is a matter of freedom of choice.

Smoking in Public Places

To them, smoking around them is like choking them; eventually the air is going to run out. Since the nonsmokers have to breathe the smoky air they had no part in producing, the smokers are doing something to the non-smokers. Smoking causes a lot of harmful things in you and outside of your body.

If harm is indeed being caused, public policy should prevent the smoker from smoking in this room. Smoking should be banned from public places Audience: The underlying aim of this paper is to provide a moral guide to the formation of a public policy toward smoking behavior.

In case no one noticed, lung cancer is one of the most prevalent causes of death in the world and while it can be caused by a number of different factors, it is mostly the effect of cigarette smoking that lines the lungs with tar and nicotine.

On the condition that they are causing harm, the smokers are obliged to refrain from smoking, and this remains true even if those doing the harm are unaware of the harm they are causing.


Most of the cigarette butts that are littered all over the place end up the rivers, and in the bellies of fishes and other aquatic creatures. If you continue to consume obacco you will lose, a healthy heart, healthy lungs, healthy body, control, up to 15 years average health, and many more.

Why engage in an activity that will ruin your health and perhaps eventually kill you. The issue now turns on whether the smokers are harming the nonsmokers. The claims that second hand smoke leads to serious health problems must be the strong focus.

The young generation think that those who smoke are smart, modern and intellectual. The subject of smoking often sparks a lot of controversy. In such countries, smokers are expected make ethical decisions and think about the effect of their smoke on the people who do not smoke.

My audience are very aware of. Goodin Suppose there is a public room, say a bar, populated by smokers and nonsmokers, and individuals of both groups have the right to be present in the room.

This is one of the main reasons why smokers are turning into social outcasts. smoking bill, it merely protects the people who use legal substances such as tobacco and alcohol in their homes from job discrimination. However, smoking in public places is a danger to non-smokers health for the reason of passive or second-hand smoke.

The public does not realize the significant hazards of passive smoking. Smoking Ban - Smoking In Public Places Essay - Smoking Ban Argument Have you ever been in your favorite restaurant and just as you are about to take a bite of your favorite dish, your lungs are filled with a cloud of smoke which has drifted to your table from the smoking section just a few feet away.

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Smoking In Public Places Should Be Banned There should be rules enforced for smoking in public places. Smokers just do not know the negative influence they are spreading. A puff of cigarette can harm a smokers health.

Inthe city of San Luis Obispo, California, became the first city in the world to ban indoor smoking at all public places, including bars and restaurants.

Arguably by allowing smoking in public places it is the freedom of non-smokers that is being restricted. However, banning smoking in public places will give some justice to the non-smokers.

Separate smoking sections should be introduced in workplaces. The smokers can go to that section for a puff and at least leave the non-smokers free of pollution.

Smoking In Public Places - Smoking Ban for Germany Essays - TIGHTER RESTRICTIONS. Still, Germany as a whole has remained surprisingly tolerant of cigarettes, even as other European countries including Ireland, Spain, and Italy moved in recent years to ban smoking in public places.

Essays on smoking in public places
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